Bubble Invaders

It's an easy, addictive arcade game with simple controls and quirky, yet cheerful visual style, aiming at casual iOS and Android gamers. Become a new Earth’s defender, and fight dangerously charming aliens invading real world locations, including New York, London, Paris and Moscow.

Space Captain

Alien fleet spreads its wings around the planet. For no particular reason, one man decides to face its power one-on-one. An adrenaline junkie, a brawler and a self-appointed hero - John Rider, Space Captain!.

Stay tuned! Cooming soon!

Hangman for Kids

Hangman for Kids is an interactive adaptation of traditional paper-and-pencil game put in an exciting setup of Wild West. You have nine categories of words and three languages to choose from. The game is dedicated for SAMSUNG SMART TV, and can be controlled with voice recognition, TV Remote, motion control and Android application integrated with Samsung's Smart Touch.

Western City

Be the fastest gunslinger in the Wild West and take part in the fascinating adventure! Each player has 5 shots. The fastest and most accurate shooter wins. Impressive graphics com-bined with easy to pick up rules guarantee the best entertainment for the whole family!

Stay tuned! Cooming soon!

Bad Girl

Bad Girl is an interactive comic-book series about a teenage girl who knows what she wants. It presents a truly branching storyline full of warmth and humor. Simple multiple-choice interface and intuitive arcade minigames make the game fun to play even for the most casual players. It is like reading a favorite romance novel or watching an episode of a TV show in which YOU are the hero! Are you brave enough to join Bad Girl on numerous dates with attractive boys?

Dirty Jack

The game consists of two modes - an interactive comic with highly interactive, extensive script providing great freedom of choice, and the sexy arcade mode you’ve got to get through, if you want Jack to swing into some ‘action’. Dirty Jack is a clever womanizer, with a taste for luxorius life. Along this funny and spicy tale you’ll help him interact with famous people, date a number of girls, and have fun at an exclusive party. Become a celebrity and find out how much of a Dirty Jack you are!